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Backed by Over 19 Years 

of Experience

As the founder, I aim to provide compassionate and unique Christian 

counseling and life coaching


I founded Restoration Christian Wellness Center in New Jersey in 2010. Since then, the center has been providing a range of services delivered in a confidential atmosphere designed to help people lead a life of abundance and purpose. 


Shontel Thomas is a native of New Jersey and a motivator at heart. She is a licensed social worker, Christian counselor, and certified life coach specializing in working with women, children, adolescents, and families for over 19 years in New Jersey and Georgia. Now, she’s serving clients nationwide. Shontel has expanded her practice to video/teleconferencing to reach people from all over the U.S. 

In the beginning of 2010, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. However, she decided not to give up on her passion to empower others. Therefore, Shontel authored her first book entitled: Believe Again, Daily Words to Inspire, Restore, and Renew Hope, which was released August 2010.

Shontel is the CEO/Founder of Restoration Christian Wellness Center since 2010, providing Christian Counseling and Life Coaching. Shontel serves as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.

As a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Life Coach, Shontel has had the privilege to apply her knowledge and skills to counseling adults, children, adolescence, and families in outpatient mental health and substance abuse facilities, group homes, residential facilities, juvenile detention center, in-home therapy, and various school systems.

Her work there focused on providing comprehensive support services in the areas of emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse problems and recovery from childhood trauma.

Shontel's Bible-based, client-centered, holistic, supportive, and goal-oriented approach to counseling and life coaching has helped individuals achieve maximum personal, spiritual and emotional growth. Shontel demonstrates a profound empathy for people and believes that, within a trusting and compassionate therapeutic relationship, wounded hearts are healed.

She is passionate about providing a safe haven where people can explore how they can be restored and transformed by God's healing grace and truth. Shontel holds a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in Psychology, a Master’s degree from Rutgers the State University of New Jersey School of Social Work, and then obtain her license as a Licensed Social Worker.

Shontel started the doctoral program at Capella University to obtain her Ph.D. in Counseling Studies. However, to answer and expand the call of God on her life, she transferred to Jacksonville Theological Seminary, where she is in the process of completing her Ph.D. in Christian Counseling.

She received her life coaching certification from the Life Coach Institute. Also, she is a member of the American Association of Christian Counseling.

"My life purpose is to inspire lives, impact dreams and restore hope. I am dedicated to inspiring and helping others to believe again"

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